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Sisterlocks® Retightening Rates*

All services are provided by a Certified Sisterlocks® Consultant with an average retightening time of 2 - 3 hours. 

Sisterlocks® take time to develop, and requires proper home maintenance and timely retightenings to maintain their overall integrity. Client retightening intervals are set based upon unique hair characteristics, stage of loc development, number of locs, and speed of growth.

Clients with retightenings that cannot be completed within the standard retightening time of 3.0 hours will be scheduled at more frequent retightening intervals for effective time management and to keep appointments at cost. 

up to 5 weeks:     $160*

up to 6 weeks:     $170*

*Additional hours are billed at $90 per hour.

*Clients wishing to schedule appointments beyond 6 weeks between retightenings will need to secure a retightening appointment at another service provider.

*Changes and new rates effective 2/1/2022

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"Sandra at Loc Lifestyle Studio is the best. I felt like my hair would be a challenge for whomever I chose to install my Sisterlocks because of thinning. Her beautiful spirit and kind soul made me so comfortable during my consultation in November 2017, establishment in December 2017 and retightenings ever since. Since then my hair has thickened up so much and I get compliments every day. I am so glad that I chose her. Honestly, I would drive to another state for Sandra to do my hair because she pays very close attention to the needs of your hair. I look forward to my retightenings. She is more than a Consultant, she is a part of my family now."




Click here to see a YouTube video that explains why a decision to wear Sisterlocks® is about so much more than a hairstyle.

What are Sisterlocks®?

Sisterlocks® is a natural hair-care management system that allows women with tightly textured hair to take advantage of a wide range of hairstyles without altering the natural texture of their hair. Over 25 years ago, Dr. JoAnne Cornwell, an Associate Professor of Africana Studies and French at San Diego State University, founded her trademarked company. She researched African descended cultures worldwide and understood how deeply hair issues relate to cultural identity. Sisterlocks® is an invitation to women who are interested in self-empowerment and cultural self-expression, to embrace a natural hair care system that is self-affirming and healthy for tightly textured hair. 

How long does it take to install Sisterlocks®?

Depending upon the length and characteristics of your hair, the initial install can range from 12 hours or more. It is not uncommon for longer installations to be broken up into 6 -12 hour daily increments until complete. This is the only time sitting this long will be necessary for Sisterlocks® services because unlike extensions, one does not have to remove Sisterlocks®. 

How often will I need to have my Sisterlocks® retightened?

New growth must be addressed every 4 - 8 weeks, depending on your stage of loc development, your hair's unique characteristics, and how fast it grows. You will be provided with a recommended interval that takes all of these things into consideration. Waiting longer than 8 weeks to retighten is not recommended by the Sisterlocks® Home Office, could result in more expensive and longer retightenings, inconsistent loc development, thinning, breakage, slippage, and/or matting.

How long do Sisterlocks® retightening appointments last?

Retightening appointment lengths vary greatly from Sisterlocks® professional to Sisterlocks® professional. Variables like the number of locs installed, how long it has been since your last retightening, how quickly your hair grows, stage of loc development (whether or not there are other concerns like slippage), and the speed of your Sisterlocks® professional (Qualified Trainee, Approved Trainee, Certified Consultant, or Brand Ambassador) must all be factored in. Loc Lifestyle Studio retightening times are generally 2 1/2 hours to 3 1/2 hours with clients on a 4 - 8 week interval, with appointments at the interval recommended for their hair.

How much should I expect to pay for Sisterlocks® establishment and retightening?

Sisterlocks® service prices vary due to several variables; experience level, speed, quality of retightening, and geographic region. Please review the Services tab for Loc Lifestyle Studio's current fee schedule. Be advised that Loc Lifestyle Studio LLC reserves the right to revise the fee schedule as deemed necessary and fees are not guaranteed until appointments are confirmed.

Can I wear different hairstyles with Sisterlocks®?

Yes. This is why most women chose Sisterlocks® over other types of locs.  Virtually any hairstyle that you can achieve with loose hair can be achieved with Sisterlocks® without altering the natural texture of your hair.  You have boundless options that are only limited by your imagination. Sisterlocks® products are water based, specially formulated to not cause buildup, and to rinse cleanly from your Sisterlocks®.  You can also and add foam wrapping lotion, light holding spray, or setting lotion to hold styles longer. Sisterlocks® can be worn straight, set on rollers of all sizes and types. For example: 

- spiral curls (Wrap-A-Locs or pipe cleaners for spiral curls)

- traditional, full bodied curls (perm rods, lock loops, foam rollers)

- textured styles (braid outs, twist outs)

- easy and elegant updos (flat twists, barrel rolls, basket weaves, fishtails, buns, pony tails, cornrows, pancake braids). 

Can I get Sisterlocks® with permed hair or heat damaged hair?

Yes. Sisterlocks® are installed on the new growth, not the permed hair or heat damaged portions, so transitioning clients can start with as little as one and one half inches of new growth. Sometimes preservation of length helps clients with shorter hair to transition to Sisterlocks® and to begin their natural hair journey.  As your locs grow, the permed/damaged portion of your hair can slowly be cut away until nothing but healthy Sisterlocks® are left. If your hair is long enough to braid and band effectively (4 inches or more), and length is not important to you, you can choose to trim off the permed or heat damaged portions before establishment.  

Why is braiding and banding my Sisterlocks® so important and when can I stop?

During Sisterlocks® establishments, Sisterlocks® professionals incorporate a precise parting structure on the scalp, and a stable woven framework into the hair, wherein the natural locking process can take place.  Sisterlocks® can be put in overnight, but take time to develop into mature locs, and this time varies depending upon your individual hair characteristics.  While your locs are developing, special precautions must be taken whenever your hair will be saturated (shampooing, swimming, etc.) to protect the woven framework put in during establishment. Effective braiding and banding during this time is key, along with use of the Sisterlocks® Starter Shampoo. It is specially formulated to help roughen the cuticles along the hair shaft, is thin enough to rinse cleanly, and encourages the natural locking process. It should be used exclusively until your locs settle. In order to achieve your desired result, a gorgeous set of Sisterlocks®, following your Sisterlocks® professional's advice will be necessary to maintain the integrity of your locs.

Can I take Sisterlocks® out?

Yes. Your hair is incorporated (as is) into a stable framework wherein the natural locking process takes place. The average head will contain several hundred Sisterlocks® that can be loosed out with a dental pick, conditioner, water, time, and a lot of patience. There are Sisterlocks® professionals and natural hair stylists that offer take-down services at hourly rates similar to retightening rates. Some people shed more than others, so results can be unpredictable. Take-down service is not offered by Loc Lifestyle Studio LLC.  Alternatively, Sisterlocks® can be combined into traditional locs if one decides to transition to larger locs.  Another option would be to grow our your, Sisterlocks®, wearing a scarf over the unretightened new growth until it reaches a comfortable length. Cut locs can be donated to Sisterlocks® professionals and natural hair stylists that create hair prostheses for clients suffering from hair loss due to chemo therapy, thyroid issues, alopecia, or other medical issues. 

What is the difference between Sisterlocks® and Traditional locks?

Sisterlocks® are considerably smaller, and installed using a detailed parting structure, producing more locs that allows endless styling options. Qualified Sisterlocks® professionals use a patented tool to establish and retighten your Sisterlocks®. When established as trained by the Sisterlocks® Home Office, no gels, grease, or shea butter are used during locking - so the hair remains very light in weight. Traditional locs tend to be larger and may require gel, or a softening agent to palm roll. With this procedure, traditional locs may attract lint in the loc itself. Additionally, due to the diameter of traditional locs, as they get longer, they may also get heavier.

Can I get start Sisterlocks® with challenged areas?

Sometimes, previous unhealthy styling methods can result in breakage, thinning, bald patches, absent edges and traction alopecia.  Others lose hair follicles due to non-traction related conditions like alopecia, folliculitis, piedra, psoriasis, ringworm, seborrheic dermatitis, etc.  If you are experiencing any of these issues see a dermatologist, or a trichology professional (Hair Loss Solutions Practitioner, Associate Trichologist, Trichologist) as soon as possible.  In addition to being a Certified Sisterlocks® Consultant, I am also a trained Hair Loss Solutions Practitioner.  Once the scalp has undergone treatment and is healing, a Sisterlocks® consultation can be scheduled to evaluate and discuss. For some, Sisterlocks® can help to camouflage bald and/or thin areas, and generally speaking, is a versatile and beneficial way to preserve the health of our hair and scalp while providing versatile styling options.

I have traditional locks. Can I start Sisterlocks® with my existing locks?

To ensure the best possible look, and the overall consistency and integrity of your Sisterlocks®, it is best to grow out other types of locs or have them taken down before starting a set of Sisterlocks®.  If you choose to pick out traditional locs before getting Sisterlocks® established, trimming your ends after take-down is advised. Traditional locs cannot be converted to Sisterlocks® due to the way Sisterlocks® are established. The hair must be sectioned according to a preset parting structure (grid). Parting for most traditional locking methods are not as detailed, and may not produce the same results. Additionally, with Sisterlocks®, the hair is pulled into the loc formation more tightly than with most traditional locking methods.

Can I add extension hair to my Sisterlocks®?

This service is not offered at Loc Lifestyle Studio where the mission is to affirm and accept the natural beauty of women with tightly textured tresses, one Sisterlock at a time. 

Will Sisterlocks® damage or thin my hair?

Quite the opposite, Sisterlocks® incorporates a woven pattern that makes the hair extremely resilient. No chemicals, beeswax, or gels used to establish or maintain the locs (when performed as trained by the Sisterlocks® Home Office), therefore the scalp and hair have the ideal environment to thrive and restore itself naturally. With Sisterlocks® you may actually experience hair growth in areas that had once stopped growing altogether.

What is settling?

When your Sisterlocks® are established, your baby locs will have a beautiful woven pattern that many assume are braids. These baby locs take time to develop into mature locs. Sometimes hair can slip and slide within the structure or framework of the Sisterlocks® pattern. Some hair textures are more prone to this than others.  Special precautions must be taken when shampooing to minimize slippage until settlement occurs - if slippage occurs, repairs, re-instruction on home maintenance  and styling recommendations will be made. After several months locs will settle and be less prone to slippage. One sign of settling is when your locs starts to look more like uniform matted locs and less like braids. The settling phase is different for each individual and is based on their unique hair characteristics.  The settling in period can range from 3 months to a year, and sometimes longer.

Can I color my hair before I get Sisterlocks®?

Yes, you can color your hair before you get Sisterlocks®. Realize however, that for some, color can alter your natural texture, making baby locs more prone to slippage before settlement, and also to breakage -- especially when you are going lighter in shade. After establishment, it is not advised that you color your hair again until after your locs have settled.

Should I cut my uneven ends before I get Sisterlocks®?

While this may provide some general answers to frequently asked questions, a Sisterlocks® consultation provides the best opportunity for your Sisterlocks® professional (Qualified Trainee, Approved Trainee, Certified Consultant, or Brand Ambassador) to assess your hair. 

Do I need to have 'fine' hair for Sisterlocks® to work?

Sisterlocks® is a natural hair-care management system for women with tightly textured hair. Coarse, thick hair generally locks faster, however, fine hair will lock also. It will generally take longer for fine hair to lock. Sisterlocks® are not ideal for every hair texture. There are some who will be better suited for a different interlocking method. The best way to find out is to complete a consultation appointment.

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Thank you for your interest in Loc Lifestyle Studio.​ Due to current client volume, Loc Lifestyle Studio can only accommodate transfer clients (with existing locs) at this time. 

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